Risk Management

We assist organizations in the proactive deployment of the processes, systems and identified resources as would enable them deliver on their agreed strategies. Our Risk Management portfolio involves the provision of information and other interventions that enable our clients effectively follow through on their strategies by entrenching required systems and processes at all the required areas in the organisation.

We also assist our clients in developing mitigating strategies by regularly scanning both local and international arenas, monitoring trends in economy, public sector, and providing valuable information as would help current and potential investors make winning decisions.

Pioneering Risk Management Services in Nigeria , ReStraL with international partnerships seeks to provide individual, corporate bodies and the government the following services:

  • Security & Risk Management
  • Financial Services
  • Risk Management
  • Markets and Competition Analysis
  • Scenario Planning
  • Information and Computer Security
  • Theft and Fraud Prevention (including ‘419′ prevention and detection)
  • Anti-Corruption, Due-Diligence and Asset Tracing

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