We regard ourselves as helping our clients determine the “how” to resolve issues they face in
positioning their organizations for growth. Such issues may pertain to:

— Am I growing at the rate desired?
— How can I continue to remain relevant in a changing environment?
— How can I retain and “lock in” my target group of customers?
— How can I dominate my chosen niche?
— How can I build capacity to support my desired direction?

What organizational structure would effectively support my desired direction?
Our approach acknowledges and builds in the fact that strategy development is the primary
responsibility of the client. Accordingly, we work with our clientele in facilitating the process of using
relevant and appropriate information to develop alternative strategies, managing the process of
reviewing the various choices available, and ensuring that the consequences and implications of the
option chosen is well thought through and plans developed to ensure that consequences and
implications are addressed.
Our own real-time experience in applying our strategy methodologies to the way we plan within the
ReStraL environment, gives us a unique ability to ensure that strategies developed are founded on
well-articulated local and global realities.

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