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We are a company synonymous with excellent and thorough service delivery in both the private and public sectors

ReStraL Limited (Research, Strategy and Leadership) is a management-consulting firm, which started operations on August 1, 1996. We partner with our clientele to ensure their achievement of desired results.


To be “an African perspective of global excellence, best practices and value creation, continually seeking and teaching people and organizations, the better way, enriching lives for the continuous improvement of society.”


Our commitment to meaningfully impact our clients and the society at large reminds us to continually uphold our own principles and have a continuous improvement and value adding mentality, towards attaining this vision. Consequently, we believe in:
  • Professionalism without Question: Balanced set of principles guiding our conscience, actions and decisions – Humility, Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and strong personal discipline; Respect – for self, others and due process; Superior competence, good sense of time and timing; Continuous learning and improvement as habit; Effective personal and work organization – A Think-Plan-Act mindset; Confidentiality at all times.
  • Results Orientation and Achievement: Focus on results not effort; Acute sense of urgency – preempting problems before they happen; Strong personal accountability and sense of responsibility tremendous drive to get work done and achieve results; work willingly and diligently to achieve results.
  • Passion for Quality and Excellence: Apply high, internationally accepted standards at all times; Zeal to excel and pay attention to little details even when under very tight time constraints and pressure; Open to experimentation and continuous improvement; Open to ideas and learns from mistakes.
  • Teamwork: Share a common vision with a team/partnership spirit and a one firm mentality; Constant self-renewal – “sharpening the saw”; Understanding and Celebrating differences; Seeking for solutions that all parties feel good about and is superior to what each party would have achieved individually; Effectively balancing work and family to achieve superior all round performance
  • Friendly, Caring and Unparalleled Customer Service: Selfless Service to all; Clear recognition that the customer is King; constant innovation and creativity to get the best; Build long term enduring relationships.
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