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quality employees are assets that can be effectively leveraged across the organization to generate creativity, drive, client loyalty, and a dynamic corporate culture. It is these quality talents that will understand the value of innovation, overcome obstacles, break down barriers, create growth and build a lasting brand for the organization.

Following the increasing demand for a professionally driven recruitment process, and the need for skilled talents in the work place, ReStraL has positioned itself through its Recruitment Business Unit to offer a range of first class recruitment solutions that will identify and select high quality talents who will drive the success of long term-business strategies.

Executive Search and Selection:

ReStraL began offering recruitment services to her clients since 1997 to complement its traditional line of businesses which included Strategy Consulting and Training. The thrust of this support has largely been in the area of Executive Search and Selection (ESS). Over the years, we have recruited top management and senior executive employees for several organizations in various sectors using a robust headhunting approach and leveraging our corporate network.

General Recruiting:

We have expanded our recruitment offerings to handle opportunities at all levels within the Organizational Chart. Resourcing candidates through our robust database and other media, we conduct officer and junior/entry level recruitment.

  • Partners with Psytech International to offer a range of psychometric tests, which cover aptitude, personality/interest and values assessments used in occupational selection and assessment, vocational guidance and staff development. We are adequately positioned to partner with clients to identify the right-fit candidates using our psychometric tools.
  • Develop and administer Tests of Attainment: In addition to the psychometric tools, ReStraL also conducts tests that seek to determine candidates’ depth and technical know-how. These tests are usually technical tests, customized in line with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job role. Our typical tests for management positions assess leadership, management, communication and business reasoning skills.
  • Organize Assessment Centers which allows the deployment of a variety of testing techniques designed to allow candidates/participants demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and abilities that are most essential for success in a given job. It typically involves the participants completing a range of exercises which stimulate the activities carried out in the target job or a ‘real work’ situation. Some exercises in an assessment centre may include, group discussions/brainstorming sessions to observe their interactive, leadership and communication skills, In-tray exercises, case studies, psychometric tests, oral presentation, etc

Background Checks:

In conjunction with our partners, an internationally accredited Background Checks Agency, we conduct checks on the shortlisted candidates as part of the recruitment process or as a stand-alone service. The depth and scope of this is dependent on the client and may have additional financial implications if subsumed under a recruitment process. Using both formal and informal approach, we conduct extensive screening of previous employment references, criminal checks, and educational/qualification verification.

Outsourcing Services:

Apart from its core Recruitment offerings, ReStraL as an outsourcing agency provide practical solutions and manage potential risks that may be inherent in an outsourcing arrangement between the organisation and the outsourced employee(s). Services provided include payroll management, employee motivation, exit management and training, among others.

Assessment Services:

ReStraL provide assessment tools to support her recruitment process and as a stand alone service depending on identified needs. These assessment tools tend to avoid the limitations inherent in traditional recruitment techniques such as interviews, reference checking and academic qualifications.

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