Strategic Development

Our client chart a clear strategic direction. This would encompass Visioning and Strategic Planning as may be required.

No two companies or businesses can be the same in all features and as a result no two strategies as articulated and applied to such enterprises will in essence be the same. Having a good strategy as a considered framework with which to drive a business provides the fundamental competitive advantage differentiating the “winners” and the “losers” in any industry. The skills required to craft and clearly articulate relevant strategies remains one of the core competencies of ReStraL.

In working with clients in developing strategy at either an organizational or functional level, key to ReStraL’s approach is its practical, hands-on approach, involving the client. While providing all relevant documentation, we deliberately de-emphasise strategy manuals as being the key deliverable of a project. Our focus, reflected in the dynamics of the way in which we work, is the successful implementation of the recommended outcomes. As a result our relationships tend to be long-lasting and extremely partnership-focused.

Included in our services are:

  • Visioning Development ServicesValues
  • Identification and Clarification Exercises
  • Scenario planning Organizational process reviews and assessments.
  • Best practice Assessment services
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  • Structure development
  • Strategic Plan Implementation Planning

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